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With the finest coffee in town, it will go down a treat! Speaking of coffee, our coffee is award winning and we use the best products on the market. Offering barista made coffee, frappes, smoothies to milkshakes, our beverage options are endless!


How it Works

Here at Bunhouse our specialty is Cinnabuns, with your choice of The Classic Cream Cheese or Coconut Glaze. 

But did you know you can also add toppings, sauces or even try our specialty flavours like “Apple Crumble” with Apple Sauce and Cookie Crumble or our crowd favourite “Cookies and Cream” with White Chocolate Sauce and Crushed Oreos, how does whipped cream and soft serve on the side sound? Here at Bunhouse, create it how you want it! 

1. Choose your cinnabun

2. Choose your sauce

3. Choose your topping

Dietary Requirements?

VEGAN Friendly

Do you have any Vegan related dietary requirements? From day one, here at Bunhouse it was about doing things ethically so we made the heart of a company “The Cinnabun” Vegan! You heard that right, all Vegan and made with whole ingredients.

In that case, try our Coconut Glazed Cinnabun, with your choice of Vegan sauce and Vegan toppings with an award winning coffee made with the best Plant Milks there are to offer. In theory, anything at Bunhouse can be made Vegan and please feel free to let us know!  

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